Energy prices are high and rising, and there is growing concern about reducing our carbon footprint. It may come as a surprise to many that up to 85%* of your home’s heat can be lost through windows, doors and poorly insulated walls, roofs and flooring. So it's more important than ever to upgrade your home to improve the warmth and thermal comfort value of your home while reducing your carbon footprint and energy bills and increasing the value of your home.

Where do you start? To understand what upgrades would benefit your home the most, you could start with a BER assessment and use this to decide which upgrades you want to carry out or prioritise. Global’s expert team will also be available to advise you in relation to your requirements for stylish, high-performance triple glazed windows & doors.

Keep the Heat in with Global’s Windows & Doors

Global’s range of windows are available in triple glazing as standard. This ensures optimum warmth and comfort levels in addition to saving you money on your energy bills and as a bonus, keeping unwanted outside noise to a minimum. Of course, the aesthetic of your home is important too, so you can let your personal style shine with a choice of designs and colour options.

Exclusive to Global Home Improvements, Heat Therm 30 triple glazed windows and doors can save you as much as 30% on your heating bills! How?

Heat Therm 30 encompasses several components – from the frame to the glass, the gaskets and the gap between the frame and wall – that work beautifully together to prevent heat loss. This system dramatically reduces your energy footprint and your heating costs by as much as 30%. Your windows and doors featuring the Heat Therm 30 system will sustain their energy saving properties for over 30 years, and keep your home warm and cosy all the while!

Triple Glazing: create your warmer home

Did you know that Global was the first company in Ireland to introduce triple glazing as standard?! Back in 2010, we foresaw triple glazing as the way forward for Irish homeowners and we’ve proudly crafted and installed countless high performance triple glazed windows and doors since then!

Why choose triple glazing for your home?

  • Warmer: the extra layer adds more warmth to your home. It retains natural heat generated by the sun, as well as any heat created within your home
  • Safer: The extra pane renders our windows a lot harder to break through, providing you and your family with additional security with peace of mind, guaranteed.
  • More energy-efficient: Our triple glazed windows & doors deliver an A+ rating and a superior U value thermal rating

Your added value with Global:

  • Free 15-Year Guarantee (no quibble, no hidden charges)
  • Free Global 365 Emergency Assistance (24/7 all year-round)
  • Over 40 years’ experience
  • Custom-made windows & doors manufactured in our Dublin factory
  • Expert installation (no sub-contractors)
  • Award-winning customer care voted “Ireland’s Best Home Improvements Company”
  • Unbeatable customer service with 4.9* customer satisfaction View All Customer Reviews

Browse our latest brochure for inspiration, then enjoy a free design consultation with our expert team and discover how we can help you create a warmer home for years to come.