Glass Shield Plus - Global’s Anti Burglar Security Glass

Glass Shield Plus - Global’s Anti Burglar Security Glass

It is every homeowner’s nightmare, arriving home to a house that has just been burgled. Many intruders will gain entry by smashing the glass in a window pane. Their aim is to be in and out quickly before they get disturbed. Regular glass will smash easily and they will be away with your valuables in minutes. There is now an alternative that will increase the protection of your home.

Glass Shield Plus+ Security Glazing

Global Home Improvements are delighted to announce the launch of an innovative new glazing product, Glass Shield Plus+. While standard double glazing provides two layers of security protection, Glass Shield Plus+ gives you five built-in layers to protect you against burglars and break-ins. 

Our new product gives homeowners total peace of mind in relation to security. The would-be intruder might try to smash the glass but will soon give up trying. Stronger windows will leave your home extra secure. 

Security and Protection

Because security is now a priority, all our high security windows and doors can be fitted with our latest glazing technology, Glass Shield Plus+. This gives our customers the highest level of security and protection against burglars.  

All the benefits of a stronger glazing option without any of the downsides. Now our windows and doors can keep you even safer as well as warmer and happier for years to come.

10 Year Guarantee

All customers who upgrade to Glass Shield Plus+ are covered by the Global 10 Year security guarantee. Glass Shield Plus+ glazing can be an important deterrent to ensure the security of property and occupants in the building. Extra strong, security enhanced windows are now available, so talk to us today about upgrading your existing windows.