Security & Safety

Security & Safety

When it comes to security, Global sets the standard for replacement windows & doors.

We understand that knowing your home and family are protected is a major factor when choosing your new windows and doors.

Home security

No-one likes to dwell on the possibilities and consequences of an intruder breaking into your home. But we live in increasingly insecure times and careful consideration of the security of your property – when you’re at home as well as while you’re away – is key to providing an effective deterrent against potential intruders. Most intruders entering your property will either enter through a door or a window. The strength and security of any door or window is primarily governed by the quality of the material used in its construction and the standard of the locks and fittings used. Whether an intruder will gain access to your home through your external door or window may depend on:

  • The strength of the construction material
  • The quality of the locks
  • Proper fitting and installation of the window or door

When it comes to security, Global sets the standard for replacement windows & doors

We understand that knowing your home and family are protected is a major factor when choosing your new windows and doors. At Global, security and safety are amongst our highest priorities. Sadly, most burglaries take place in Dublin and the figures are increasing every year.

50% more secure than standard windows

There are a wide variety of locks available for windows on the market today, some good and some inferior. A good locking system will not improve the security of your windows, unless the frames are reinforced and fitted securely to the wall structure. All our windows are fitted with the highest standard multi-point locking systems, double locking handles and hinge-side security devices. All our frames are 100% reinforced and secured to the wall structure. Our windows are 50% more secure than the standard windows in our industry, keeping you safe in your own home. 

Entrance to your home needs tight security

Today, door security in your home is a bigger issue than ever, with 30% of all break-ins through the front door. When you improve your home you want to add to its security. With Global, door security features are not an option as with some companies in our industry. We fit the highest performance locking system on all of our doors as standard. Each door is manufactured in our factory in Glasnevin which allows us to source the most advanced security systems available in Europe. All of our doors are fitted with multi-point locks, incorporating bi-directional hook bolts, robust hinges and reinforced steel keeper plates.

Security is always on our mind!

Another first for Global, we are delighted to offer our customers the option to have a keyless digital lock on their front door. We are all used to unlocking our cars with a remote control – well, now with Global doors you can do the same with your front door.

It’s not what we say, it’s what we do

So confident are we in our window and door security systems that we offer a free 10 year security guarantee against forced entry with a cash back facility. When you replace your windows and doors with Global it’s an investment for the future against break-ins, heat loss and noise, giving you complete peace of mind.

Safety in your home

Creating a safe environment for both customers and staff is very important to Global. It goes without saying that installing home improvements in our customers' homes must be carried out to the highest safety standards in order to protect our installers and the customer’s family. Because Global do a range of home improvements, we are often working at heights and we take great care to ensure our installers are fully trained and competent to carry out their work. When it comes to scaffolding, all our installers are certified by an independent body to erect, work on and dismantle the scaffolding system. When homeowners get fascia and soffit fitted, most companies use ladders, which is not allowed under safety building regulations. Global is one of the very few companies that use scaffolding at all times to fit fascia, soffit and flat roofing. As a customer, you’ll find that when a company has a good health & safety record, they will also have a good quality and customer care record. Global is the only home improvement company in Ireland that’s independently audited each year for safety standards and we are the only company with OHSAS 18001 health & safety accreditation.