Energy Efficiency

Energy Efficiency

Many companies don’t offer A+ or A-rated windows as standard.

Global Home Improvements invests a lot of time and money developing more energy efficient products to ensure they are better for the environment and more cost efficient for you, the homeowner. 

Why is energy efficiency important?

Making your home more energy efficient really pays off in terms of saving you money in the long run while also improving your home’s building energy rating (BER). Global Home Improvements invests a lot of time and money developing more energy efficient products to ensure they are better for the environment and more cost efficient for you, the homeowner. We are committed to making our products as energy efficient as possible, from our triple glazed A+ rated windows to our Global Flat Roofing system. 

Why are windows given an energy efficiency rating?

Just like electrical appliances, windows are rated on how energy efficient they are. Many companies don’t offer A+ or A-rated windows as standard, so it’s important to check the rating of what you’re buying. All our windows are triple glazed as standard with 2 panes of low-emissivity glass which reflects heat back into your home. Triple glazed PVCu windows from Global are A+ rated for energy efficiency, the highest rating in Ireland.

What makes our windows so energy efficient?

Global is the only company in Ireland installing triple glazing windows as standard. With up to 35% of the energy you buy to heat your home being lost through either single glazed or inefficient double glazed windows, investing in Global’s Heat Therm 30 triple glazed windows, incorporating our unique energy installation system, represents the best possible value between energy saving and cost.

The benefits of Global A+ rated windows

  • Smaller energy bills: replacing your windows with Global’s triple glazed A+ rated windows will save you hundreds of Euros on your heating bills every year. 

  • Global’s A+ rated windows ensure a more energy efficient and comfortable home. You will have less draughts or cold spots around your home and our triple glazing will help to keep outside noise out.

  • Global triple glazing is also more secure as you have an extra pane of glass to make it more difficult for intruders to gain entry.

We don’t just do energy A+ rated windows

The energy efficiency of your home is subject to a number of elements, such as doors, windows, attics, roofs and walls. Global installs a range of energy efficient products for your home:

Global flat roofing

You may have some form of flat roofing – a dormer, a kitchen extension, bay window or a converted garage. The proven technology of Global flat roofing solves the problems of flat roofing forever dimensionally stable – not affected by the problems of expansion and contraction. With Global flat roofing, we have built in a warm deck insulating system as standard, which means your room is warmer in the winter and cooler in the summer, plus it saves you hundreds of Euros on your heating bills.

Global conservatory tiled roofs

You can now convert your conservatory from a room for the summer months to a room for all seasons. Global can replace your glass roof with a traditional tiled roof. Modern techniques allow us to reproduce the intricate details necessary for complete harmony between house and conservatory. Because a conservatory must face critical exposure to the elements and especially to severe cold weather in the winter months, it’s not possible to enjoy its comforts during the cold weather.

With our tiled roof, a room is created from a conservatory to exceptional standards of workmanship, design and appearance. With the addition of a Global tiled roof, you bring a whole new dimension to your home, with a room you’ll find yourself using more and more. Our tiled roofs are highly insulated which means one will keep the heat out in the summer and keep your conservatory room warmer in the winter, as well as reducing your energy bills. Every Global product comes with our free 15 year guarantee covering parts, materials, labour and construction. No hidden charges with Global.