Our Guarantees

Our Guarantees

Global's 20 Year Unlimited Guarantee is Ireland's first and only guarantee of its kind - with absolutely NO limits!

There are NO charges for 20 years. You can enjoy peace of mind with unlimited service callouts 24/7 365 days a year, unlimited parts replacement and unlimited repairs.

Global's guarantee is your security

When we say free guarantee, we mean it. Some people don’t want you to know the details of their guarantee but we do.

At Global, you get everything free which means if anything goes wrong with your product or installation, even moving parts, it is our problem and not yours. It will be at our expense, not yours and if you have an emergency during the weekend or night-time - we are available 24/7.

We believe a restricted or chargeable guarantee is a cover up for cheap materials and bad workmanship.  That’s why we say the cost of the product is every bit as important as the price.

In other words it helps to take a long-term view of your investment because all windows and doors are not the same. We are proud to stand over the quality of our materials and workmanship by offering you the following guarantees.

  • Free 20 Year Unlimited Guarantee covering:
    • Unlimited service callouts for 20 years
    • Unlimited parts replacement for 20 years
    • Unlimited repairs for 20 years
    • Unlimited Global 365 Emergency calls for 20 years
    • NO charges for 20 years
    • NO quibble
  • Free 10 Year Security Guarantee covering replacement of your window or door free of charge. So confident are we of our security locking systems that we can offer this security coverage

Note: Global's free 20 year unlimited guarantee is included with all Finesse Frame windows, Flush Frame windows, PVC Doors & French Doors. Other product solutions such as composite doors, sliding doors, sash windows, Tilt & Turn windows, Roofline & Flat Roofing includes a free 15 year guarantee, with all the benefits listed above for 15 years.

No other company in Ireland offers these guarantees. No one but Global.

Global 365 Emergency Assist Service

Of course, guarantees are not much good if you can only avail of them between the hours of 9am - 5pm, Monday - Friday.

With the Global 365 service, we are available to look after you at weekends, night-time and bank holidays, if you have an emergency problem. We are the only company in Ireland offering everything free with our guarantees.