Do you have a traditional flat roof on an extension or garage roof that’s causing you a world of headaches? 

It doesn’t surprise us in the slightest if it’s proving troublesome as traditional flat roofs are notoriously bad for draining rainwater, which often results in leaks occurring and significant water damage. 

What good is that in such a wet climate?

Most traditional flat roofs are made from felt and the cheapness of this felt tells. It’s also only designed to last for around 10 -15 years. 

Repairing a damaged traditional flat roof can be expensive and you will likely need to get it repaired more than once, when it’s far more advisable to just replace it with a more resilient and reliable solution. 

Where do you go for that? Global, of course. 

Our flat roofing technology will be headache-free, possessing the ability to cope with all extremes of weather. It’s even been exposed to the harsh environment in Antarctica and was unscathed, with a high-level assessment team confirming that it has a natural lifespan of 30+ years. 

With winter coming, it would be a good time to get your old flat roof taken out and exchanged for a Global flat roof, not least for the amount of money you will save on energy costs. 

It will retain heat more effectively and allow very little of it to escape because of its insulating properties, providing you with a warmer space that has minimal reliance on your boiler. 

We employ expert installers to fit our flat roofs, so any flat roof that you have installed by our team will be completed to the very highest of standards. This is why we’re confident enough to supply a 15-year guarantee with each flat roof we install. 

To talk us through your flat roof requirements, make an appointment here.