When shopping around for window and door companies, you will discover that Global Home Improvements is one of the very few in Ireland to provide triple glazing as standard. 

Despite this, we don’t charge you a premium for them - they are incredible value for money for what you get. 

We’d like to add that we were also one of the first companies to offer triple glazing - always ahead of the game. 

So, why do we do this?

Well, for one, the cost of energy isn’t getting any cheaper and the insulating qualities of triple glazed windows and doors are superb, which will help you restrict heating usage and keep your fuel bills down. They trap warmth to another level from double glazed windows and doors, having an A+ rating.  

We also know that home security is one of the biggest concerns that people have, and by having that extra pane of glass, it provides an extra obstacle for thieves to get through, guaranteeing you a safer home. Our triple glazed solutions also incorporate various secure mechanisms, including a multi-point lock, one that’s practically impossible to pick. 

And then there’s the noise factor. 

With so much of it generated nowadays, it can give you a headache at home. But not if you have triple glazing installed as the standard of soundproofing it offers is exceptionally high, giving you a more peaceful home life. Anyone who lives on a busy road or close to a railway or airport will be particularly thankful for the job it does of keeping noise out. 

If you want to try and sell your home in the near or distant future, the inclusion of triple glazing could also give it increased buyer appeal and allow you to ask for a higher sale price than would be possible without it. 

Global likes to give its customers only the very best and this is a good example of that. Just click here if you want a FREE window or door quote.