Have you started making holiday plans for the summer yet? It’s difficult because we don’t quite yet know where we’ll be permitted to travel abroad. If you don’t want to wait any longer to get something organised, we have an idea - take a homecation instead. 

Holidaying at home for a week or two can be an awful lot of fun, it’ll save you money, and you can treat it like your usual summer break. 

Ahead of your homecation and the summer arriving, we recommend having either French doors or patio doors installed at your property. 

Of all the home improvement products we could suggest, why specifically them? 

Because of how they’ll benefit you during the homecation, and throughout the rest of this summer, and many others:

Unite home and garden

In summer, you don’t want to keep your home closed off from your garden, or vice-versa. They both need to be maximised, so it makes sense to open the house out and invite the garden in with French or patio doors. 

Both door options will provide a significant opening when they’re ajar, and that opening will turn home and garden into one complete space. 

It will become instinct to open your French or patio doors in the summer mornings. 

Ventilate your interior

This may sound very optimistic, but we are going to assume that the weather will be lovely and warm this summer. 

The closer that temperature gauge gets to 30 degrees, the hotter the inside of your property may become, and you may have to cool it down somehow so that you don’t burn up indoors. 

You can rely on a French or patio door to bring in some much welcome fresh air and keep the interior well-ventilated. 

Helps you eat outdoors

Going out for a meal is one of the nicest parts of being on holiday, and you can still do that at home by having a barbecue in your outdoor space. 

Give the grill a good clean in preparation for chucking on lots of burgers and sausages to feed the whole family. Al fresco dining of this kind is a must on any homecation. 

How do French and patio doors fit into this? They will be what give you easy access to your kitchen and then your garden when you want to take plates and other eating aids outside.

Talk to Global if after reading this, you think French doors or patio doors will make your homecation a holiday to remember. Contact us here.