This summer will be welcomed more than most summers after the winter and spring that we have endured. 

Everyone deserves to really enjoy the summer season of 2021, whether they choose to take a break somewhere in Ireland or spend all of it at home. 

If you’re planning to have a homecation and you own a conservatory, you want to get as much use out of your extension as you can. Easier said than done though if your conservatory drastically overheats when the weather gets hot, which will often be the case with most old-style conservatories.  

There is a product available at Global that can resolve that common issue - a tiled roof. 

Created from very genuine tiles / slates, a tiled roof can be custom-designed to replace any traditional glass roof and contains many layers of insulation, but that doesn’t cause it to turn conservatories into hot furnaces in warm temperatures. 

No, a tiled roof will ensure you of perfect temperature control, no matter if it’s 30+ degrees outside or well below freezing. The temperature will be just right inside, guaranteeing you a conservatory that you can rely on for the right amount of comfort at any time of the year. 

We make a considerable effort to ensure that any tiled roof we integrate into an existing conservatory suits the extension design, and also suits the accompanying property. Our consultants will carry out a thorough assessment prior to the crafting and installation of the tiled roof. 

Prolonged thermal efficiency from a Global tiled roof is assured and that’s why we supply a FREE 15 year guarantee with every tiled roof we sell. During the course of the guarantee, your investment will be protected.

Take the heat off your conservatory and buy a tiled roof for it. Get more information about the product here.