Global Home Improvements is a trailblazer in this industry. In 2010, we became the very first home improvement company in Ireland to begin providing triple glazing as standard. 

Prior to that, triple glazing was difficult to source here as it was predominantly the preserve of some of the world’s coldest countries, such as those in Scandinavia. 

We brought it into our product range because we recognised that it offered lots of additional benefits to customers, even more than double glazing. 

These are what they are, in case you are wondering why we insist on giving customers triple glazed solutions. 

Energy efficiency

Triple glazed bay windows

Triple glazed windows offer a very high standard of thermal efficiency and have an extremely low U-value - the lower the U-value, the greater the level of thermal efficiency delivered. 

You can expect a triple glazed window to have a U-value of around 1.0 W/m²k, and that rates about 40% more thermally efficient than a standard A-rated window. 

The energy rating of our triple glazed products is a hugely impressive A+. 


triple glazed sliding sash window

You sometimes see triple glazed windows being advertised as great for soundproofing and keeping noise out, but they must have a certain specification in order to deliver that. 

Each of the three glass panes that make up the design must have a different thickness to each other, and the cavities need to vary in size too. 


external shot of white triple glazed window

What you want more than anything is for your windows to keep your home nice and secure. 

Various secure mechanisms are incorporated into a triple glazed window, including a multi-point locking system. The framework around the window is also tremendously tough, and the glass is internally glazed to stop anyone being able to remove it from outside. 


internal shot of triple glazed window

In general, triple glazed windows can cost slightly more than double glazed windows, but the difference in price is pretty marginal. Think about how much extra money they will save you too, so you will quickly recoup your investment.

The Global team would be happy to answer any questions you have in relation to triple glazing. You can contact us here.