Who would not understand the appeal of having a conservatory? 

Somewhere to relax, to read the papers while enjoying a nice view of your garden.  In a conservatory even though it’s obvious you are in the house, it can feel like you are in the garden which is a very peaceful feeling.   However, due to our Irish weather you might not be getting all the many benefits the conservatory could bring.   Most people treasure the time spent there but will say that they are limited in the days they can use it.   Many conservatory owners are now deciding to convert their glass room to a tiled roof in order to get the most out of their room. 

A Room for Winter

A glass window will make the room very cold and won’t encourage you spending any time there.  Adding multiple layers of insulation and a tiled roof is not only more energy efficient it will create a cosy place where the heat does not escape.  Meaning you can benefit from the winter sunshine while enjoy the view of the garden or just watching the birds feed on a frosty day.  

A Room for Summer

Imagine never being too hot to sit in the conservatory again.  Blinds don’t always solve the problem and they are a bit of a nuisance trying to close and open them at the right times.  With a tiled roof conservatory, the temperature will be as regulated as any other room in the home.  No more dazzling sun means you can use the room any time of day or night.   

So Many Benefits

Tiling the roof does not just add value to your home but will add to your enjoyment of your home.  It becomes a room now with the added benefit of being light and sunnier than others.  You will tend to use it use it more often because you have so many options.

We work with you

Our expert team will make your tiled roof bespoke to match what you already have.  The roof will be low maintenance, built to last and will withstanding the Irish weather.   With a 15 year guarantee on parts, materials, labour and construction as standard you can rest assured. This guarantee comes from a company that has been around for more than 37 years.  Our consultants can visit your home without obligation to discuss design choices and the type of conservatory roof that would be most suitable for your home

We want to help you make the best decision for you and your home.     For more information, take a look at our Tiled Conservatory Product Page and call us on 1800 313132 to arrange your free, no obligation home survey and quotation