Tired of painting your fascia and soffits? gutters leaking?

Global Roofline is the only solution to ensure you have no more maintenance and you protect the roof of your home. 

Hidden Problem of Rot

According to independent research more than 90% of homes should be replacing their fascia and soffits, particularly properties built over 20 years ago. Originally made from low grade softwood timber, they are prone to rot and so require regular maintenance, something that many homeowners leave until it is too late. But even those who try to keep them in good repair only paint the outside. So superficially the fascia looks better, but the damage is really being done on the inside. Out of sight, out of mind -rot spreads to the rafters and joists and eats away at the structure of your roof and home with the potential to cause structural damage. It makes sense to take precautionary action and replace old timbers before it gets to this stage.


Maintaining wooden fascia and soffit is an ongoing task. Most of us don’t want to work at heights so that involves hiring a painter and waiting for a dry day to get the work done. But they are only painting the outside part that you can see and could be masking the issue without knowing it. Even if the fascia looks better, the damage caused by rot can be continuing on the inside so the only viable option is replacement to a PVCu product.

Cap Over existing?

Some cheaper suppliers will put low quality PVC over the existing wood. For those unsuspecting customers they will be delighted with the ‘bargain’ they have gotten and for a while it looks great.  However, the issue is now worse than before as the already damp wood is enclosed and has no chance of drying out. We are constantly replacing these cap over jobs. ‘Buy once buy right’ is really so true.

Tried and Trusted

At Global Home Improvements we remove all existing fascia, soffit and will replace with our own product. Good building practices recommend the new fascia and soffit should only be installed with scaffolding to ensure a proper job can be done. Global roofline is weatherproof, colourfast and visually appealing. Our roofline, fascia and soffit eliminates costly pointing and repairs. You only get a truly maintenance and care free solution from PVCu roofline replacement that’s professionally installed. When you opt for Global roofline that is exactly what you get. A high quality, individually crafted installation, surveyed and fitted by our employed team of specialists.

Qualified and insured to do work on your roof?

As a homeowner you are taking a huge risk by letting unqualified people into your home. It is very important that you check their credentials and most of all ensure that they have the relevant insurance. If they say they have insurance and it turns out they don’t, then if they fall off your roof or something else happens, it will come under your insurance.

At Global Home Improvements, all our installers are directly employed by us, we do not use Sub contractors. Our installers have been fully trained on our products and have all the relevant health and safety credentials from Safe pass to Scaffolding qualifications. The product and workmanship is backed by our famous 15 year guarantee. We are renowned for our aftercare customer service which is why most of our business comes from referrals from satisfied customers.

Free Home survey of your existing Fasica and soffit

When you decide it is time to replace your fascia and soffit you need to speak to an expert. Call us today for more information and to arrange for us to visit with you to discuss