Are you getting a warm or cool welcome from your conservatory? If you are not still in love with your conservatory it might be time to make some significant changes.

Many people will add a conservatory to their home at some stage.  With so many benefits it is no wonder that it is one of the most popular ways of improving your home.  With a conservatory you not only add some extra interior space but it allows you to enjoy some outside space while remaining in your home. 

Enjoy the Outside

You will have spent many days enjoying the sunshine even on a chilly day sitting in your conservatory with a cup of tea.  It’s a place to enjoy watching the wildlife in the garden and admiring a nice lawn and flowers.   It is an investment for your own enjoyment and it increases the living space of the overall house by adding another room.  

Loosing Appeal

However, as the years go by sometimes the new conservatory can lose its appeal.   Some summer days can leave it too warm for comfort and an unpleasant place to be.  Winter days can make it a place not to delay in unless you have your thermals on.   Then you start noticing drafts, maybe even a leaky roof and then the polycarbonate or glass roof starts to discolour and look shabby.  All of a sudden your little piece of heaven doesn’t seem so lovely anymore.

Stop! Before you decide to get the bulldozer in, there are other options.  

Don’t despair

The most obvious solution is to remove the old roof and add a new tiled roof.   This solid roof will not only look smart, it will solve the issue of too hot in summer and too cold in winter.  The new roof will make it airtight and with some added insulation and a new radiator it will be as comfortable as any other room in your home.  Add some nice roof lights for a cosy contemporary finish inside.      

When you are making these changes, ensure that quality materials are used as it will make the structure easier to maintain resulting in less need for repairs in future years.   Now it’s like a new house extension rather than a conservatory.  You have a room you can use all year around, a space for entertaining or just relaxing. 

More warmth means saving on heating bills.  So don’t dump that conservatory you used to love.   It’s easy and cost effective to upgrade and it will give you many days of pleasure.  A clean modern appearance will result in you being the envy of any neighbour taking a peek over the wall.  Just remember to invite them in to admire your new room. 

Transform your conservatory at a fraction of the cost of replacement, speak to the friendly team at Global Home Improvements.