Individuals are responsible for more than half of the overall impact on climate change, according to the WWF.

The good news is that individuals can also make a difference and the best place to start is by making your home more energy efficient, says Colin Butfield, head of campaigns at WWF.

His comments come after the successful Earth Hour campaign.

On March 28th at 8.30pm, in the largest ever global action on climate change, iconic buildings across the world, such as the Sydney Opera House, the pyramids of Giza, the Eiffel Tower and the Empire State Building, switched off all their lights for an hour.

If you did not take part in this campaign you can still do your bit for the environment by making you Dublin home greener.

"A lot of things individuals can do on their own - the main thing is making your house as energy efficient as possible," Mr Butfield adds.

Primarily, the green expert suggests installing adequate attic and wall insulation, energy-saving light bulbs and more efficient appliances in the home as ways to reduce energy consumption.