Now that winter is finally behind us we can enjoy the delights that Spring brings. 

The longer days are noticeable and before too long the summer will be here.  This time of year brings a ‘spring in our step’ and we have the energy and motivation to get some of those essential jobs planned.

Spruce up the Garden

Winter can make the garden a dreary place but spring brings daffodils and snowdrops that will always cheer us up.    Now is the time to start planning what jobs you would like to have done before the BBQ season starts.  A new patio can make a garden more accessible, however, in many cases a professional clean on an existing one with a power house can work wonders.  Replacing a garden shed or replanting a neglected area of the garden can be a satisfying project.  Even getting out in the fresh air and seeing a garden take shape is a very positive experience.

Garden Furniture

Sales of garden furniture in Ireland dropped significantly 5 years ago and suppliers are now predicting a rise in the sale of new garden tables, chairs and benches this summer.  How is your furniture looking?  A sand and varnish on wooden furniture or a power clean for synthetic material can make a big difference.  However, if it has seen better days then it’s time to go shopping for new furniture.  Plan now for summer evenings on the patio with friends sitting on furniture that won’t let you down. 

Outside Impressions

The exterior of your house can make it look like a cheery welcoming home or worn out place that has seen better days.  There are many things you can do to spruce it up.  If everything is in good repair then a good window cleaner can make a big difference, especially if they include cleaning the gutters.  A new coat of paint will give an instant makeover and sometimes a quick lick of paint on the windowsills will make an impact.  Consider replacing your fascia and soffits if they are rotten or beyond a lick of paint.  New styles available are maintenance free and give an instant face lift to a home.  

New Doors or Windows

If your windows or doors have seen better days, then maybe it is time to think about replacing them.  A new door can appear so welcoming and change the whole look of a house.  There are many benefits that come with new windows beyond the beautiful appearance.  Added security, noise reduction and heat retention are but a few.  The HRI government grant is finishing later this year, so it may not be as expensive a project as you might think.  You may also combine the costs of other home improvements mentioned for more cost savings.   Here are some details about the grant 

Whatever home improvements you decide on this year, don’t leave them on the long finger.  Spring is a great time to get motivated and get those jobs done.  And with only months to go to avail of the home renovation grant, you could be missing out.