It’s scary how fast Halloween has crept up on us and we hope that you will be getting into the spirit by decorating your home in a very spook-tacular way. 

If you really wanted to, you could spend a frightening amount of money on Halloween decorations, but you don’t need to go to great expense to make your windows and doors look truly fang-tastic. 

It will do the trick, pardon the pun, if you just employ a few small touches. 

Autumnal door wreath

An autumnal wreath

You’re not obliged to wait until Christmas to display a wreath on your door as wreaths are now ever present on a lot of front doors. An autumnal design would suit this time of year. 

To make your own wreath, get some wire and collect any fallen leaves that are outside. If you don’t feel confident doing that, you will find plenty of autumnal door wreaths on Etsy that will last for many years.

Create an eerie entrance

A front door ready for Halloween decorating

You can do more with your front door than just hang a wreath on it though to bring a smile to trick-or-treaters’ faces when they give you a knock on the 31st. 

Pumpkins are an absolute must and rather than get them down at the supermarket, take the kids to your nearest pumpkin patch and let them pick some out. 

Once you get them home, have a look for some free stencil designs online and print off your favourites, helping your children to carve them with a serrated knife. After putting battery-powered tea lights inside the carved pumpkins to light up the designs, install them outside the door. 

It would also be fun to have a Halloween-inspired doormat, maybe one that says ‘Turn Back Now’. 

Make a light display in your windows

A home interior

Your windows can be made to look just as eerie by wrapping string lights around them and the most obvious coloured bulbs would be red and orange. 

Use your window sills too, placing mason jars on them that have fairy lights inside, which will give you a warm feeling inside when you’re snuggled under a blanket watching all those classic Halloween films. 

If you come to the conclusion that new windows and doors are required to better insulate your home during the cold autumn months, get in contact with Global for a FREE quote.