Does your home have some form of flat roofing – a dormer, extension, bay window or garage roof perhaps? It’s almost certainly covered with traditional materials such as felt, or bitumen and chippings, and it’s probably a continuing concern for you. Our climate is harsh on these materials and blistering, cracking and leakage occur all too soon. Messy chippings and gathering moss are unsightly and require regular maintenance to keep the roof looking smart and weatherproof.

Your real problems lie in the cost of replacement. With an average life expectancy for traditional materials of just 10-12 years, regular re-roofing is a necessary and expensive inconvenience. Ignore or delay it and you risk costly structural repairs, damp and redecorating bills. 

But a new generation of flat-roofing products has banished these problems. PVC flat roofing has been introduced to the home improvement market by the world leader in commercial markets. Reassuringly more expensive than traditional flat roofing, it costs less in the long run. Although most people associate PVC with windows or conservatories, it has been used in major commercial projects for years, with some roofs still going strong 40 years on.

PVC flat roofing lasts much longer than traditional materials and needs almost no maintenance. It doesn’t blister or crack, and remains flat and even. PVC also resists the accumulation of dirt and moss that make a flat roof look bad. 

When replacing flat roofing, choose a company that offers a long lasting, quality product. Sarnafil’s PVC flat roofing has been given a certified life expectancy of over 35 years, more than three times as long as traditional felt roofing.

Select a home improvement company with experienced, fully trained installers to replace your flat roofing. Efficient, thorough installation is a key factor in making flat roofing last longer, whether you use traditional materials or PVC. The expertise of an established home improvement company will help keep your home leak-proof and looking good for years to come.