Are all the doors equipped with proper locks?

A burglar will always check the doors of your house before attempting to break in. It’s not just your front door that should be equipped with proper locks, but also your patio door, back door, and any other door that connects the house with an outdoor space. In fact, doors placed in more discreet corners of the house are more attractive to him than the front door.

Do you have locks installed on the windows as well?

Installing locks on all windows in your home is never a bad idea. If a burglar cannot open the door, he will attempt to force one of your windows. Installing good locks on the windows will minimise the risk of having someone break into your house when you’re away. 

Are your windows old and not up to scratch?

Because we live in uncertain times, modern doors and windows will come with effective locks installed on them.  Unlike older models, high-quality doors and windows are now made out of sturdy materials that are very hard to break. There is no need to take any risks when you can easily replace your home’s doors and windows with quality ones that come equipped with the latest security locks.

Do you have a house alarm and security camera? 

For additional safety and protection, a house alarm and a security camera will definitely do the trick. Either will act as a deterrent and the house alarm will let everybody know that there is something wrong happening on your property.  In addition, the security camera will help the Gardaí identify the person that broke in your home.

Is your house in the dark?

There is a simple way to trick people into believing that you are home, even if that’s not the case. You can use a timer to set your indoor lights to turn on their own after dusk. Just a few lights in the most used rooms will give the impression that someone is at home.  Asking a neighbour to pull the curtains over the windows if you will not be home for the night will also be a benefit. 

Just a few simple improvements to your home could make all the difference when it comes to security.  Ensure your first line of defense is secure with sturdy doors and secure windows from Global.  Talk to our friendly team today about a free no obligation quotation.