As the clocks go back, the shorter days offer more opportunity to the burglar that is trying to gain entry to homes under the cover of darkness.  

We look at some of the statistics and see what practical measures can be taken to help protect your home.

How intruders gain entry

According to An Garda Siochana, 28% of intruders gained entry to homes via a rear window while 25% enter through the back door.  However, it may surprise you that 27% of intruders come into the home via the front door, sometimes in full view of neighbours and passing traffic.  So it is particularly important to ensure you have a secure front door. 

Lock up

The ‘lock up and light up’ campaign has been running for some time now and it’s a good reminder for all to ensure we all remember some simple advice. Locking your doors when leaving your home is pretty obvious but keeping them locked when you are in the house is important too.   You might be vulnerable if you are home alone or in a room where you cannot hear if somebody enters through an open door.  An intruder only needs a few minutes to grab some valuables downstairs and flee while you are upstairs unaware.

The type of locks on your doors are important and multi locking system built into entrance doors have proven to be more secure which is why they come standard in our range.   Secure structural wall fixings are also an important security element, if your doors are fitted property by experienced installers they will make life difficult for the would be intruder. 

Light up

In the winter months 20% of burglaries happen during twilight hours when homes can look unoccupied.   If you are in the home, once it starts to get dark switch on the main lights in your home.  If you know you won’t be home when light starts to fade you can purchase timers and set some lamps to come on at dusk to give the impression the house is occupied.  If you are away from home for a few days, perhaps a friendly neighbour would pop in to turn lights on and off each evening.   An outdoor sensor light might be a good investment, once the beam is disturbed after dark the area will light up.  Again, this is all about deterring the burglar and getting him to move on somewhere else. If you can make your house less attractive to the burglar, they will move on.  


A house alarm is worth considering as a deterrent that keeps your home safe.  The burglar wants to get in and out of a property quickly and unnoticed.  The presence of an alarm could make them think twice.  If you have an alarm remember to set it as you leave the house.  It is also recommended that you put on your alarm when you are in the house, particularly as you go to bed at night.  

Security Guarantee

At Global Home Improvements we know that our customers are very security aware.  In many cases the decision to replace doors or windows will be based on increasing security of the home.  We are so confident in the quality of our products that we offer a 10-year security guarantee on our windows and doors.    If an intruder gains entry to your home through one of our windows or doors we will not only replace the product free of charge, we will also give you €500 towards any inconvenience caused.

For more information on the security of our doors and windows please contact our expert team who will be delighted to answer any questions you may have.  Stay safe this winter.