Before you make any buying decision you will take the time to look at you options.  When purchasing something as significant as new windows for your home you will want to get all the information you can to make the right decision. 

For any home improvement project, you will look at your needs, take your comfort into account and the long term usage.  If you can, you should never compromise on something that could last a lifetime.  If you are not completely happy with your decision, chances are you will live to regret it.  Your significant purchases should bring you happiness not just in the instant but for the long term. 

Many choices

You will have already decided to get new windows for a variety of reasons.  Perhaps your wooden frames are rotting, it may be for additional security or simply to make your home cosier.    That’s the straight forward decision, however, then it comes down to selecting the style and colour. 

This may seem like a chore to some but most people get excited about looking at the options.  With so much choice it can be hard to decide.  You could stay with the same style as before or you may want to try something new to change the look of your home.  

Styles available

An older home will suit something completely different from something that was built 20 years ago.   Some homes suit traditional subtle colours while others will look fantastic with a splash of colour. 

One popular option is the Sash window.  Sliding sash windows will always be a classic look and the modern versions have all the style of the original but with modern touches.  These will open and close like a breeze, they will appear just like the wooden ones but will be maintenance free.  Coming in a variety of colours gives lots of choice.  Another handy feature is the addition of tilt restrictors that enable you to tilt the window open to clean the outside.

Another popular option is the Georgian Bar Window.  These cottage style windows are a modern option for timeless elegance.  The vertical and horizontal bars create a simple pattern that is ideal for older homes.  Yet, this traditional style can also look great in a more modern build.  

If your property is suitable then perhaps a bay window will be something to consider.  This comprises of a set of three windows that will be angled away from the house.  Sometimes the middle window is fixed and larger than the others.  This style of window can open up a room and really transform a space. 

Whatever you decide, making the decision to upgrade and replace your windows will be a great investment not just for the value of your home but for your own enjoyment and comfort for many years.