Where does the time go? We can hardly believe that it’s now more than 40 years since Global Home Improvements was established, but the time has gone so quickly because the customers we have attracted over this period have kept us so busy. 

Lasting for four decades in an industry like this is a rarity, and it makes us one of Ireland’s most experienced home improvement installers. 

During our lengthy history we have built up a very impressive portfolio of products, built up a loyal customer base, earned numerous accreditations and won a variety of awards. This is only achievable if you employ the very highest standards and maintain them, which we’ve done. 

If you read through some of our customer testimonials, you will see that we are well thought of by Irish householders. 

When they put our trust in us and invest their money into our products, we do everything we can to repay that trust, because that’s the very least they deserve. 

It will be exactly the same if you decide to hire Global for a home improvement project. 

Firstly, you will deal with a team of experts who are really friendly, and who really know their stuff when it comes to windows, doors and conservatories - they will help you as much as they can. 

So far as the final installation is concerned, that will be completed in accordance with all of the relevant rules and regulations, and done so in an efficient fashion, with minimum disruption caused. 

And, once our installers have left your home looking revitalised, Global will still be there for you. 

The 15-year guarantee that’s supplied to you includes access to our 365 Emergency Service, assuring you of a FREE and speedy fix if you ever suffer a product fault. 

Factor in all of these things, and that's why Global Home Improvements is still going strong! 

Get a FREE quote from Global and you won’t be left disappointed.