As a homeowner, you will have found that there’s always something that needs doing around the house. It’s very rare that you reach a point where you have accomplished everything you want to and there’s nothing at all, in your mind, that needs upgrading or repairing. If you do ever get to that stage, perhaps it’s a sign that it’s time to move!

Every now and again, you want to walk around your entire property and see if any enhancements or mends need making, some of which you may be able to tackle yourself, or that require outside help. 

If there are any DIY jobs you can take on, now would be the time to do them, with summer fast approaching. 

These are the types of tasks you could tackle:

Repaint or reface old cabinets

Do the cabinets in your kitchen and bathroom look a bit shabby? 

If the units themselves are still in good nick, but their appearance isn’t, you could always retain them and just give them a fresh lick of paint, or reface the outer skin and maybe also put some new hardware on them. 

When done well, they will look brand-new and refresh the room, and it will have cost you a fraction of what it costs to have new cabinets installed. Reinvigorating your current units is also good for the environment. 

Create a wall gallery

Is there a big bare wall in your living room that’s crying out for some kind of artwork? Turn it into a gallery of photographs with some form of theme. 

It could consist of lots of family or holiday snaps that you cherish, or if you’re a sport or music fan, why not choose pictures of your favourite sporting icons or artists. 

The frames can be different shapes, sizes and colours to make the gallery really visually stimulating, and it shouldn’t be too difficult to hang them up. 

Put unused pallets to use in the garden

Don’t focus all of your attention on your indoor space. Remember to give your outdoor space the same level of attention too. 

Rather than leave old pallets sitting in your garage gathering dust, upcycle them for use in your garden. 

They could act as vertical planters if you have a small garden and want to add some colour to it by growing upwards, or if you need some seating for the summer, make a colourful wooden bench out of them that you can add some padded cushioning to. 

Talk to Global if your home needs more substantial work done to it, such as the installation of new windows and doors. Contact us here.