It’s a very noisy world that we live in, as you will have particularly noticed if your home is located close to a major road or in a busy suburb.

Hearing too much of it when indoors and attempting to have a lie in or about to settle down to watch your favourite TV show can drive you bonkers and is no good for your health. 

Rather than resort to permanently having cotton wool in your ears, you could try and shut out a good volume of noise with the installation of triple glazed windows.

Triple glazed windows are often promoted as ‘noise-reducing’, which is true, but only when they are correctly specified. If they’re not, they will have minimal effect.

For instance, the glass used in a triple glazed window is all-important. 

It needs to be on the thick side, but it’s absolutely essential that the three panes have differing thicknesses, instead of each pane being the exact same thickness. 

Between each individual pane there should also be a large air gap. 

When outdoor noise is headache-inducing for you at home, it’s advised not to include trickle vents in your new triple glazed windows as this will provide noise with a passage through to your living space. 

And triple glazed windows, of course, must be fitted properly, otherwise any flawless specification of them will be fruitless. They have to be well-sealed, with zero gaps, which will be the case if Global is the installer. 

Just be aware though that new windows may not solve all of your noise-related issues on their own - noise could also be breaking in through your roof, walls and floors. 

So it’s best to listen out around the house to find out exactly where the source/s of noise is most audible. 

We like to make a big noise about triple glazing because we provide it as standard at Global. Go to our Windows page to find out what other benefits our triple glazed windows offer.