Taking steps to improve your home are usually considered summer projects.  Summer is great for certain projects because the days are long, there is lots of sunshine and the weather is calm and warm. It’s a great time for painting your fence, re-turfing your lawn or even tackling a house extension.   

However, just because summer is great for certain projects does not mean winter can’t be great too.  The winter time is a great opportunity to get some home improvements completed inside in the comfort of your cozy, heated home.    

Windows and Insulation

A good place to start is with your windows. Old windows are prone to drafts and this can be especially irritating in the cold winter months.  It can also be costly with expensive heat being lost unnecessarily.

While some solutions such as strips of rubber sealing or insulation film might be a stopgap, there is nothing to compare with replacing old windows with new triple glazed ones.   With the new modern designs there will be no need to pull heavy curtains over to block a draft.  Your home is your place of refuge so it should be the place you feel most comfortable in.  Sitting in a drafty room is something you don’t need to put up with anymore.  When using a reputable company this job need not take long to complete and could be an ideal winter project.              

On the topic of proper insulation, you might want to check your loft insulation as well. This can be done any time of the year, but it is smart to do it as the cold weather approaches. You should also consider getting your boiler serviced because if there is an issue, you’ll want to have it fixed before the extreme cold sets in. 

Carpet and Flooring

Laying carpet is a big job but it is a great one for the winter as it is done entirely indoors so the weather is not an issue.  A new carpet can really refresh a room and add some warmth as well, which is great as you come into the cold weather. You will want to ensure that it is fitted properly and you will have another great insulator on your hands.

Another option for a winter project is to lay down wooden floors. There are many great things about carpet but wood floors have their benefits too. They look great, they are easy to keep clean and help keep a home a little more dust free.

The Little Things

Installing and fixing fixtures is another great thing to do in the warmth of your house this winter. They are small things but when your doorknobs, cupboards, bathroom hooks, taps, coat hooks, etc. all look nice and tidy, the house will have a wonderful smart feel to it.  Painting is a big project but it is a good one for the winter too.

You don’t even have to take on an entire room. Take advantage of your time indoors and cover some scratches or just do some touching up.  Consider painting a feature wall to warm up a room and add instant interest. 

Lastly, you might consider refurbishing your doors, both internal and external. Clean, polished and tidy doors can have a huge impact on the look and feel of your home, especially your front door. The front door to your house is one of the first impressions people will get of you and your home. Take advantage of winter and use your free time to make your home more beautiful.