Replacing the windows in your home will be an investment you won’t regret.  Apart from the energy saving and security benefits, every time you return home they will result in raising a satisfying smile of pride.  Why not make that ‘new look’ last even longer by ensuring you take care of those new windows to give you many years of pleasure. 

PVC Windows

Regular maintenance will make a big difference.  To keep your new windows looking great, clean the PVC sections once a month.  The best product to use is a simple solution of warm water and a squirt of washing up liquid.  Always remember to use a soft cloth to avoid any damage. Don’t even consider using any abrasive cleaning products or cloths as they may cause damage that cannot be undone.  This easy job will take no time at all and will help maintain that ‘new’ appearance for longer. 

Clean Windows

Now to the glass - It’s a job that some may dislike and if you have a local window cleaner to do the job for you then that is wonderful.  However, many of us do the work ourselves and our advice is to keep it simple.  Keeping your glass sparkling clean should be an easy job once you keep on top of it.   

Some people swear by different branded window cleaning products while others prefer the old ‘vinegar and newspaper’ method.  However, we find that the warm water with some added washing liquid does the job very well.  Use a soft cloth or sponge to wash down the windows, a squeegee should be used in to remove excess water and a dry soft cloth to wipe anything that is left.   

Remember when you are cleaning the inside of the windows to remove any ornaments from the sills and tie back any curtains so they don’t get wet - we don’t want any accidents. 


Open the Windows

Now that your windows are clean, there is another issue that may need addressing and that is condensation on windows. 

It’s important to keep air circulating around the house to prevent condensation forming on windows. Steamy rooms such as bathrooms and kitchens need fresh air in particular to prevent mould from appearing.   Extraction fans in these rooms make a big difference.  Opening a window and closing internal doors in these rooms would be wise when steam has built up.   Combat condensation by avoiding drying wet clothes inside and ensuring that the rooms are well ventilated.  Each day open the windows for a few minutes, even on those colder days. 

When you have made an investment in your home such as new windows, you want to make the most of it.  With a little effort and a maintenance plan you can enjoy many years of benefits from your new Global Windows.   For more advice on maintaining your new windows or for a quotation to replace old windows call our friendly sales team.