Some of those who have been predominantly working from home over the last year, will now do so on a part-time or permanent basis in the future, as more and more Irish businesses decide to offer flexible working for employees. 

Whether working from home works well for people largely depends on a number of things, such as if you have the discipline to do it, and also a suitable work area in your house. 

If you’re going to be a homeworker from this point on, get working on your work setup to establish a space you feel comfortable in. 

You can do that like this:

French / Patio Doors

White patio doors

It won’t do you any favours working in a dark location, so use French or patio doors to bring some outdoor light into your work area. 

Each of these three door options have very trim frames and lots and lots of glass, exactly what you need to entice the sun. 

When they connect your workspace to the outdoors, they’ll also prove useful for opening it out and adding some fresh air during the warmer months.

Roof Lantern / Skylight

Roof windows

To enrich your workspace with even more natural light, rather than look to French or patio doors, it could be better to add a roof lantern or skylight. 

Roof lanterns and skylights make for a magnificent sight in any setting and will give your working spot something of a feel of the outdoors. 

They are almost fully glazed and have the minimum of framework, which is why they’re able to wonderfully illuminate rooms. 

Home Office Extension

Laptop for homeworking

It’s no coincidence that there is a new demand for home office extensions as working from home becomes the new way of working for many thousands of people. 

The creation of a permanent, dedicated workspace is a sensible one if you want a work area that’s guaranteed to be comfortable and have everything you need within it. 

Investment into a home office will also pay off in the future in terms of how much value it adds to your property, and also how it improves its sellability. 

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