You only get one chance to make a good first impression, so the saying goes, and it’s completely true, particularly when it comes to your home. 

A first-time visitor to your house will decide whether they like it or not within a matter of seconds, and it could be the look of your front door that influences their opinion most. 

If you use Instagram, type in the hashtags #frontdoor or #frontdoors to see some sensational front doors, the kind of front doors that couldn’t fail to impress people. 

Your front door can be made Insta-worthy too, with the right sort of touches: 

Coloured finish

A red door

One of your biggest decisions when buying a new front door or repainting an old front door is your choice of colour and this ought to come down to the property’s age, style and character. 

You will be on safe ground with a grey, black or white-coloured door as they are timeless colours, and there’s also a lot of love out there for e.g. Chartwell Green, Duck Egg Blue, Aubergine-coloured doors. 

Just be wary of choosing a really wacky finish, as although you may like, others may not. 

Door wreath

A summer door wreath

When looking at fancy front doors on Instagram, you will notice that many have a door wreath displayed on them - they are not just for Christmas. 

You don’t need to have expert crafting skills to make a door wreath, if you’d like to try and make your own, or you can just take the simpler option and purchase a premade real or fake wreath from an online or High Street retailer. 

In any summer door wreath it needs to include colours like pink, red and orange. 


A blue entrance door

Either with or without a door wreath, you could have some type of planters on both sides of the door, another popular trend. 

Many of the front doors with the most ‘likes’ on Instagram have twin potted bay trees in shot, which are always well manicured and make most front doors really look the part. 

You just need to keep on top of watering these planters, unless they are low-maintenance, in which case they will require minimum attention. 

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