May was a disappointing month, in terms of the weather, but June has been much better, and our hope is that the recent good run of weather carries on through the summer. 

If we have a long stretch of scorching sunshine, or just a few little bursts of it, get outside and enjoy it as much as you can. 

You will feel great for it as exposure to the sun fills you with vitality and can also put you in a great mood. 

On the nice days when you have to stay inside at home, make sure you don’t miss out on the summer by ensuring it has a presence within your interiors.

To do that, just take any or all of these steps:

Clean your windows

A white UPVC window

Do you regularly clean your windows or let the local window cleaner do it? They need to be kept pristine, both inside and out, to entice as much as natural light as they can. 

For the summer months, it would be worth hanging up some light, thin curtains, rather than the thicker curtains you probably have in the winter, as they will block out very little light when open.

Do you have an issue with overheating in summer? That will be down to your windows, so get energy efficient windows installed. 

Install French or patio doors

An open UPVC patio door

Make use of a rear wall if you want an injection of natural light by getting either French doors or patio doors integrated into it. 

The frames around the glass in a French or patio door are very slim, so the glass takes centrestage in the design and guarantees you of a beautifully bright atmosphere in whatever room they’re fitted. 

Any time that you open the doors, it will bring the outdoors indoors, and you will also benefit from great ventilation, useful on a really hot day. 

Add some nature

Houseplants in a house

Our appreciation for nature has grown over the last year and if you don’t have a garden, you can still get close to nature by putting some houseplants in your house. 

Lots of people have got into houseplants recently, with most buying succulents, ferns and orchids for displaying on countertops, floors and tables. 

Did you know that houseplants are good for your health? It’s true as they will remove any air pollutants in the air, making it cleaner. They can also lower your stress levels and make you happy. 

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