The weather this summer has been typically mixed, with a heatwave one week and then heavy downpours the next. What will winter be like? That’s anyone’s guess! 

We’ll take the pessimistic view and envisage a cold and wet few months, which if proves to be true will mean that you must check if your roofline can fight off any deluge of rain. 

If you don’t know, roofline is the collective term used to cover the following features of your home - fascias, soffits, bargeboards, guttering and cladding. 

You need every element of your roofline to offer structural integrity, otherwise it increases the possibility of your home being hit by water damage. 

Timber roofline is very porous, which can be a major problem. You can do things like capping over timber roofline when leaks occur, but this won’t permanently stem the problem, and you will only end up having to do it again further down the line. 

What will put a proper end to any roofline-related problems is the installation of UPVC roofline from Global Home Improvements, and it’s best to get it fitted now. It will offer water-resistance during even the wildest and wettest weather.

The rainproof qualities aren’t the only way our roofline will benefit your home. 

Improved aesthetics

The appearance of your roofline makes a massive contribution to the overall look of your house, so when it begins to look old and tired, so will the house. The addition of UPVC roofline will revive aesthetics thanks to the quality of the coloured finish. 

Minimal upkeep

Roofline isn’t something you want to be maintaining on a regular basis, not unless you have a strong appetite for heights! You will hardly need to touch UPVC roofline as it can be cleaned every once in a while with a wet cloth, and you just want to keep your guttering free of fallen leaves. 


For how affordable it is, UPVC roofline offers fantastic long-term value for money. We provide a 15 year guarantee with all roofline purchases, so you can expect it to perform for at least that length of time. 

There will be no need to sing ‘rain, rain, go away’ this winter when our UPVC roofline is protecting your home so effectively. For a FREE quote for roofline, click here.