As nature goes through its annual renewal, we’re positively updating and refreshing our homes – an extension of the age-old Spring clean.

With the longer days and promise of sunnier skies, we want our homes to feel bright and welcoming and to start welcoming the outdoors in.

Home trends this spring focus on being in tune with our surroundings, promoting calmness and comfort in our immediate environment.

Nature-based pastel shades

Chartwell Green door

Pastel hues are most typically associated with spring. Soothing, joyful and feminine, the muted, chalky tones are grounded in nature and easy on the eyes.

Nature-based colours, particularly earthy shades of green, are firm favourites as homeowners welcome the tranquillity.

We’re seeing this trend extend to windows and doors, with discerning homeowners opting for our Chartwell Green colourway. Cheerful, calming and stylish, this colour continues to grow in popularity, effortlessly complementing the green hues of interiors this season and for years to come.

Connectivity to the outdoors

French doors leading out to a patio

Creating a calming balance throughout our space is key to a happy home, and one way to achieve this is by being in tune with nature.

The inside of some patio doors

Florals and plants are a great way to boost the serenity of our indoor spaces. Feature doors with expanses of glass also create a brighter home with unrestricted views of the outdoors.

A shot of a patio area

French doors and sliding doors create easy access to garden or patio spaces, ensuring seamless transition from interior to exterior living and effectively transforming your garden into a stylish extension of your home.

French doors

Soft textures and shapes

A car in a driveway at a house with a bay window

Organic textures for throws, cushions and furniture are prevalent this spring.

Curvy shapes, as opposed to those with sharp edges, found in sofas with deep cushions, for instance, will be favoured for their soft, casual and comforting qualities.

Chartwell Green conservatory

With this style in mind, arched bay windows and porch doors reflect such natural shapes and promise to delight long past this spring season.

If you are considering your own home refresh this spring, learn more here or contact our friendly experts to learn more about how we can help.