Has your house been on the market for a while with no offers?

There are some simple steps you can take to improve your home’s appeal to potential buyers:

  • Make sure the house is clean and tidy for viewings. Hoover the floors, tidy away newspapers, toys and any other items lying around. The buyer needs to imagine what it would be like to live your house so no clothes on radiators or dirty dishes!
  • Spruce up your garden – cut the grass and plant some seasonal flowers.
  • Open the curtains and make sure the rooms are well aired but not cold.
  • Add some fresh flowers to your living room.
  • Make sure your house smells pleasant – especially if you are a smoker or own pets!
  • Try to make sure your house doesn’t look outdated, we’re not suggesting grand refurbishments but a lick of paint can do wonders to brighten up a room.
  • Most buyers decide almost immediately if a house is a possible purchase or not, so make sure the approach to your home is attractive – add a few flower pots and keep your doorstep tidy.
  • Clean your windows!