Do you value your windows as much as you should do? Think about it. They have a massive influence on the visual impact of your house, as well as play a role in keeping it secure and ensuring the inside of it is nice and bright during the days. 

They do so much, or at least they should do! The second you realise that your windows are past their peak and letting your house down style-wise or in terms of security, they must be replaced. 

You may never have bought new windows before, in which case, you want to read our guide to getting the right replacements so you can make an informed decision:

Window style

An interior shot of two PVCu windows

It’s important that you neither spoil or lose your home’s original character. To ensure that doesn’t happen, you need a window style that works. A lot of window buyers just stick to the same style. 

There are many window styles available, including casement windows (regarded as a classic window style), tilt and turn windows (they have a unique opening) and sliding sash windows (offer a slim profile and make cleaning easy). 

Select a style that also fits in with the age of the building.

Window material

A lady sat by a PVCu window

PVCu is the most popular building material used for window manufacturing and homeowners will often choose PVCu windows above anything else. 

The appeal of PVCu windows comes down to their affordability, amongst many other things, such as them being incredibly low-maintenance, incredibly secure and incredibly thermally efficient. 

They’re also great for keeping out noise, which is ideal if you live close to a busy road or in a noisy neighbourhood. 

Window fitter

A window manufacturer

As well as getting the best and most appropriate replacement windows, you also need to buy them from the right company and have them fitted to the highest standards. 

If you do a search online, you will see that no other window installer in Ireland can match Global. We have outstanding reviews and a first-class reputation. That’s why we’re award-winning. 

We also have several industry accreditations, a recognition of the amazing products and services we provide. 

You can ask for a FREE quote for replacement windows from Global here. It will be one of the best choices you ever make.