Global Home Improvements sponsors St. Ita’s U16 Football team by supplying the team with their kit for the 2016/2017 season. 

Pictured is Joe McKenna (Club Secretary) presenting the team jersey to Barry Shevlin, Managing Director of Global. Also pictured is Brian O’Mahoney with the team.

Joe Mc Kenna says : “Sponsorship is vital in the provision of such opportunities and, without it, Clubs would not be able to offer kids so much.”

“The dangerous years for teenagers in my experience are 12 to 13 year olds, and again at 15 to 16. In the younger age group, sometimes the sport gets more serious for them and they start feeling a bit of pressure and stop enjoying it, and so they drop out. It is possible to get them back again in the right team environment.

“At 15 to 16 once they drop out you rarely get them back. The social pressures, drinking and drugs can pull them away.This is why it is such a vital age group to support in every way possible. It is proven time and time again that active participation in sport, which keeps them engaged in positive activity, helps to keep them out of trouble.

“The President’s Award by An Gaisce has been around for years but was not run in conjunction with football. A few years ago we went to the FAI and along with An Gaisce we ran a pilot with my team at the time. Of the 17 kids that started the programme 15 finished it out and were presented with the first ever Bronze medal on the pitch (pictured) in the Aviva before one of the internationals. ” 

Global are delighted to provide sponsorship to St. Ita’s Football Club, as they provide a great service to the local community. We are only playing a small part as the real heroes are the people like Joe, Brian and Liam, as by giving so much of their time they are the people that keep these clubs alive.

Best of luck to St. Ita’s in the season ahead!