Whether you’re planning on upgrading your current windows and doors or you’re just curious about what makes this widely used material so special, let us talk you through why you need to put PVCu on your radar. The affordable, easy-clean material brings many versatile benefits to our customers’ homes.

So what is PVCu?

PVCu is an abbreviation for unplasticised Poly Vinyl Chloride. Most of us are more familiar with the term PVC, as that is used for many commodities from faux-leather clothing to inflatables.

Unlike PVC, PVCu does not have a plasticising agent added to make it flexible. This means that PVCu is still lightweight but incredibly rigid, which makes it the perfect material for window frames and doors.


A white PVCu window

Longevity is one of the key benefits provided by PVCu material. High quality PVCu windows and doors are incredibly long lasting and water-resistant. In contrast to alternative materials such as timber, which can rot in damp conditions, PVCu will never rot, rust, flake or peel.

The robust, sturdy material also ensures enhanced security of your home, preventing potential break-ins and giving you peace of mind.


The interior of a house with PVCu windows

Often considered a more economical material in general, PVCu can also help lower your heating bills so you can enjoy savings for years to come.

Providing your home with exceptional thermal efficiency, you can reduce your dependency on rising heating costs, while enjoying a warmer, more comfortable home.

Low Maintenance

French doors opening into a garden

PVCu windows and doors are incredibly easy to clean and need little more than an occasional wipe down with soapy water.

Thanks to its naturally glossy material, PVCu windows and doors will stay looking fresh without constant maintenance. Your windows and doors won’t need repainting, unlike timber or aluminium alternatives.

Colour options

A grey coloured window and Chartwell Green door

Transform the face of your home in addition to the warmth and comfort inside with a choice of stylish colour options including Anthracite Grey, Chartwell Green and Cream or White or opt for a beautiful textured wood finish effect.

Arrange a free design consultation and quote with our expert team to start your home transformation journey.