We want our customers to feel supremely confident when they purchase a product from within the Global range, and feel as though they’re getting fantastic value for money in the long-term.

That’s why at the completion of any window or door installation, a customer receives not one, but two FREE guarantees. 

The first of them is a FREE 15 year guarantee covering parts, material, labour, travel and construction. 

The second of them is a FREE 10 year security guarantee covering the replacement of any window or door we install. 

They are both meaningful guarantees and will be honoured, should you ever experience any issues with a product (which can’t always be said of the guarantees given by some other companies!). The build-quality of our products means that they very rarely fail, but it’s nice for you to know that on the off chance something does go wrong, you won’t have to dig into your own pocket to get it resolved. 

It would be naive of us to think that a product fault would only arise during normal office hours - things are never that simple and it often happens at the worst possible time. 

So, if you need a fix outside of the normal 9-5, any day of the week, you are entitled to Global’s 365 Emergency Cover, also included in the guarantees we provide. A member of our team will be out to your house in no time at all. 

Look around at the competition and you will discover that ours are the best guarantees you will find amongst Ireland’s many home improvement companies. It’s yet another reason why Global Home Improvements has been voted the country’s best provider of conservatories, windows and doors, and is so highly-rated by homeowners throughout the Emerald Isle. 

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