You can clearly hear outside noise:

Whilst it might be pleasant in the summer months to hear birds singing outside your bedroom window, it may not be so nice to hear every car driving past your house or the dog barking down the street. If you can clearly hear outdoor noise when all of your windows are closed, this could be a sign that either your windows are not sealed correctly, the calking is past its prime, or that your windows are quite old and need updating. Global’s unique frame airtight frame sealing system reduces noise considerably, which significantly reduces sound transfer, which can make a huge difference if you live in a noisy neighbourhood or close to a busy road.

You can feel a draft when the windows are closed:

Have you noticed a cold draft coming from your windows even when they are shut? As windows age, the insulation cement begins to degrade. Having it reapplied could solve the issue, however, the draft could be coming in between the frame and the pane of glass, which is a sign that the weather seal has deteriorated. While it is possible to have this replaced, it is usually a sign that a window is past its prime.

As winter approaches you will start to notice cooler air in certain rooms. New windows are significantly more energy-efficient than old ones and could save you money on your energy bills during the colder months.

Condensation between the layers of glass

If you notice that your windows are misting between the panes, it means that the seals have deteriorated and have allowed moisture in. Once the seals fail, any insulating gas used to make the windows energy efficient has now gone. The most cost-effective solution is to replace the window as repairs can be as expensive.

Windows are Difficult to Open and Close

If you struggle to open a window or if it will not close properly, it is a vital sign that the window needs replacing. 

Being unable to close a window properly could negatively affect your energy efficiency as cool air will escape in the summer and warm will escape in the winter. More importantly, struggling or being unable to open a window could prohibit an escape in the event of an emergency. Additionally, if you are unable to close and subsequently lock the window, it could have a detrimental effect on the security of your home, and could pose a danger if you have small children in the house. 

There are many reasons why a window might become difficult or impossible to open or close. Older windows tend to develop balance issues, which can lead to jamming and sticking, and if the window is rusting or rotting this can also make the window difficult to operate.

Another reason why your window could be jamming is that the frame could be warped. UPVC windows can expand and warp in the hot weather but should contract again when it cools. If this is happening a lot, the frame could be the wrong size, or the foundations of your house could have shifted, which would cause the frame to become misaligned.

Rotted or Damaged Window Frames

If your window frames are rotting or cracked, they should be replaced as it could be causing severe damage to your home. 

If your window frames sag due to soft wood, it is a result of years of water absorption, where condensation has seeped in and caused the grains to puff up and expand over time, which is a problem that only gets worse as more winters take their toll. Even a small amount of water fuels mould growth, and the longer you leave it, the bigger the problem will become.

A window frame with cracks along the vertical and horizontal panels will only get worse over time and leave the panes with poor stability, and the window glass itself could fall off and seriously injure someone.

As soon as you spot any of the above deficiencies, you should replace your windows with a more durable option. Whilst it may seem an expensive solution to a minor problem. If left, these small problems will soon become bigger, more expensive problems, as your home becomes less secure and energy consuming.

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