If you have lived in your house for some time, chances are your front door may need an upgrade.

A new front door can benefit you in a lot of ways from an updated look to better security. Replacing your front door can be easy, affordable, and safer so there are not too many reasons not to do this upgrade.


It can improve the look

It is no surprise that things deteriorate with age, especially those made from wood and your front door is no exception. It regularly needs a fresh coat of paint or a sanding to smooth out rough areas that appear with age. You can change the type of door you have and change the whole look of your house. By choosing one with a glass panel or one with a more vibrant color, you can make your whole house look brand new.


It can be safer

Replacing your front door can can also boost your security.  Features such as robust security hinges, a strong multi point locking system and a high security lock that is anti-bump, anti-pick and anti-drill will give you a strong line of defence against would be burglars.


It can improve the value of your home

Appearance is everything when determining the value of your home. You want it to look its best which could mean a few upgrades. Adding a coat of paint could make your front door look new but it won’t last as long as replacing it with a brand new one. A front door upgrade could help make the difference in the sale of your house.  The added energy efficiencies will also be an added bonus. 


It’s easy

It’s incredibly easy to replace your front door and can also be one of the most affordable upgrades you can do for your house to improve its overall look. Your biggest decision will be the most enjoyable one and that is to choose from a range of styles and colours with the latest designs in mind.  When you buy from a trusted supplier you don’t have to be worried about the quality of the product or the installation process. 


Time causes all sorts of wear and tear to your front door. After all, it probably gets used a lot more often than any other door into your house. A front door upgrade could make a huge difference in the value of your property, its overall appearance and your home safety.  With Global Home Improvements 15 year guarantee on materials, parts and labour combined with a 10 year security guarantee you can have confidence when getting a new front door from us.  Call us today for a quotation.