The weather is slowly beginning to turn as we head into the autumn months, and your windows may be exhibiting signs of this if condensation has started on them in the mornings. 

It’s very unsightly and a real annoyance, truth be told. 

It needs to be dealt with, otherwise it could pose a risk to your health, as once mould and mildew sets in, you’re at a higher risk of experiencing respiratory issues and other things, such as irritation in your throat, eyes and skin. 

To stop it, or at least make it less troublesome, isn’t that difficult. These three steps will improve the situation:

Greater indoor ventilation

An open UPVC window

Excess humidity within your home won’t help. The house needs to be well-ventilated, particularly in areas like your kitchen and bathroom when you’re cooking or having a hot shower. 

That’s easily solved - you just need to open a few windows and let some fresh air in to bat away the humidity. 

In your kitchen, you may have an extractor fan. If you have, make sure that you use it during cooking times. 

Hang washing outside

Clothes on a washing line

We might still get the odd decent bit of weather this autumn, when it’s warm enough outside to dry your clothes. 

Don’t pass up on these opportunities to peg out your clothes on the washing line, instead of drying them on your radiators or in the tumble dryer. 

The warmth generated by a radiator or tumble dryer will increase humidity levels and moisture, which isn’t what you want.

Consistent heating usage

A thermostat

It’s the moment that humid air meets with the cold surface of a window when those pesky water droplets form. 

What will minimise the chances of this happening is if you put your heating on at a low level and keep it that way, not regularly turning it up or down. 

For the winter months, the ideal room temperature is suggested to be between 18 and 21 degrees. 

If the above tips don’t have the impact you were hoping for, we urge you to get new energy efficient triple glazed UPVC windows installed by Global, which will put an end to your condensation woes. 

For a costing for new windows, just request a FREE quote.