Having a conservatory at home will have been a real blessing for you over the past few months because of the amount of time you’ve spent indoors. That is unless it does a poor job of keeping out the ever unpredictable Irish weather. 

Nobody wants to be sat inside an icy cold conservatory, not when you have a lovely, cosy living room you can use instead. 

So, what’s at fault for this common conservatory issue? Look up when in your conservatory and that will be your answer - the roofing system. 

Thankfully, nowadays, you can exchange your old conservatory roof for a tiled roof, which will better insulate the space in all weathers. 

Ahead of investing in a tiled roof, consider the following first:

Is it worth the cost?

Brown tiled roof conservatory

Very simply, YES! If you compare what it would cost you to completely replace your current conservatory with a brand-new conservatory design, against the cost of just buying a tiled roof, the latter option is far more affordable. 

For at least the next 15 years (that’s the length of the Global guarantee), it will help to weatherproof your conservatory, paying for itself for that reason over and over again. 

It will give you back the conservatory that you bought and loved in the first place. 

Can my conservatory take the weight of a tiled roof?

White tiled roof conservatory

Until we’re able to inspect your conservatory, it is difficult to give you a definitive answer. 

However, our tiled roof product is incredibly light, much lighter than many of the other tiled roofing systems that are available for conservatories in Ireland. 

Prior to any installation, a member of our team will visit your home to check the structural integrity of the conservatory so that we can be certain it can handle a new roof. 

Will it lead to a loss of natural light?

Interior of a tiled roof conservatory

We’re always honest with our customers, and yes, adding a tiled roof it can reduce the amount of sunlight that enters into your conservatory. But, don’t let this put you off the idea. 

To combat that, we can include one or more roof windows in the tiled roof covering so that the interior is enriched with light during daylight hours, and forever feels inviting. 

The glass we use in any roof windows will be very energy efficient, so it won’t lead to your conservatory overheating in summer. 

Find out more about how a tiled roof from Global Home Improvements will revive your conservatory here.