The combination of very cold weather in Ireland this winter, and the need for many households to use a lot more heating than usual, is resulting in a very high energy bill for lots of families. 

If your energy bills are getting out of hand and putting too much of a dent in your finances, it’s time to take action, before they give you even more of a financial headache. 

To make the biggest possible saving on your energy bills, take the following three steps to reduce their cost: 

Switch to a cheaper tariff

A resistance to switch suppliers could be costing you, and there’s no need to be reluctant to switch as it’s so simple to do. 

Armed with your latest energy bill, visit a comparison site and put in your current energy usage. Once you have found a cheaper tariff and agreed to it, your new supplier will organise the switchover. 

There is the potential to save up to €475 every year if you have never switched before. Further savings can be made if you have changed tariffs before, so do a price-check today.

Get a new boiler installed

Old boiler systems have a low efficiency rating, and therefore, provide a poor standard of insulation, and they often break down at the worst possible time.

We’ll be honest and admit that investing in a new boiler isn’t cheap, but it will be worth the money because of the vast savings it will bring. 

Gas consumption can be cut by as much as 30% with the introduction of a new high efficiency condensing boiler.

Install energy efficient windows and doors

It will come as no shock to you that Global Home Improvements, the country’s leading window and door supplier, urges everyone to install energy efficient windows and doors, but it’s an entirely justified claim. 

With the very highest window and door specifications, heat loss can be minimised by a massive 75%, and the less heat that escapes from your home, the less you need to use your boiler.

Within only a matter of a few years, these windows and doors will easily pay for themselves, and you’ll be so glad you bought them. 

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