As a homeowner, it’s always advisable to think of the future. Though you may feel completely settled in your home right now, there may come a point when you get an urge to move, or your circumstances may change and necessitate a house move. 

If and when that time comes, you want to be in a strong position to sell your property, and ideally, get a great price for it. 

There will always be something you can do to enhance your home’s value as it’s impossible to reach a point when everything’s perfect. 

Here’s what we recommend doing to really strengthen its sale price

Buy a new front door

Front door

Your front door will be one of the first things that people see, and a front entrance that looks like it’s on its last legs will not make a good impression.

Get your tatty old door taken out and replaced with something more modern, a door that looks way more stylish, is way more secure, and is way more energy efficient. 

You will certainly achieve all of those goals when your new front door is bought from Global. 

Repaint and redecorate

Two people redecorating

Most homeowners are guilty of letting things slip, in other words, not giving some rooms in their house a sufficient amount of attention. 

It’s really off-putting for a buyer when they walk into a space with an outdated colour scheme or wallpaper that’s coming away from the walls. The longer you leave them untouched, the more unappealing they become. 

Pull on the overalls, get out the paintbrush and pasting table, and pretty them up. 

Install an energy efficient boiler

An energy efficient boiler

We’re all more green-minded than we perhaps used to be due to the threat of climate change, so be conscious of that as far as your boiler is concerned. 

If you have a boiler system that’s 10 or more years old, we would seriously consider replacing it for a modern energy efficient boiler with a high energy rating. 

It will keep your fuel costs right down, and although a big investment, can add significant value and will successfully power your home for years. 

To be honest, anything bought from Global will see the sale price of your home surge upwards. Request a FREE quote for all products.