The beginning of a New Year, combined with spending so much time at home, may have got you thinking about improving your living space at some point in 2021. 

It’s never a bad idea to enhance your house, so long as you make changes that are fashionable and will have widespread appeal. 

Have a look around and find out what others are doing right now, and search online for inspiration. 

By conducting our own bit of research, we have uncovered a trio of top home trends for this year. 



During this pandemic, people have understandably craved comfort at home, and achieved it by introducing the cosy cottagecore movement into rooms. 

The easiest way to describe cottagecore is to ask you to imagine living out in the countryside, so picture a scene of greenery, farmlife, rolling hills and lovely little cottages in your mind. 

But you don’t need to reside in the country to enjoy the cottagecore theme. It only needs a few floral patterns on walls and in textures, fine china on dressers and a traditional farmhouse table in the kitchen.

Home Offices

Home Offices

Most offices have laid empty for several months now, with office workers doing their normal duties from home, and this will be the case for a few more months yet. 

As a consequence of that, enquiries for permanent home offices have rapidly increased from those who can no longer put up with having to work at the end of their bed or up in a dark and uninviting attic. 

With a bespoke home office, you can inform the design and get an office space that massively aids your productivity. 



You’ve probably taken a selfie on your phone at some stage, but have you taken a ‘shelfie’?

Log into your Instagram account and you will see loads of weird and wonderful shelf arrangements when you click the ‘shelfie’ hashtag. 

For a snazzy shelfie, look around the house for any colourful ceramics, glassware, candles, plates etc. and cleverly display them on the nicest shelf you have. Then in a good light, take a snap of your shelfie and post it on social. It’s guaranteed to get loads of ‘likes’. 

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