One of the biggest motivations for improving your home should be to increase its resale price so that you can hopefully make a nice profit on the property when selling. 

The home trends we spoke about in our blog post last month will possibly have the desired effect, if you decide to use them when improving.

It would be a disaster if you did anything that caused the opposite and saw your home’s value decrease, which can happen with certain projects. 

These are 3 projects that can sometimes do more harm than good. 

Removing a bedroom space


What was once a family home shared by a group of you, may now only have a couple of people living in it, leaving a bedroom, or two, sitting empty. 

If you don’t get any use out of a spare bedroom, you may think about knocking it through to extend another area of the house. 

We wouldn’t gamble on doing that as losing a bedroom has been known to take pounds off the price of a home, so keep hold of the space.

Having too much carpet

Carpeted area

Wall-to-wall carpeting provides exceptional warmth and comfort throughout a house, but it’s good to mix up your flooring choices a bit. 

Not everyone wants a totally covered floor in every area, and may e.g. prefer an exposed wood floor, or some other flooring choice. 

To remove and replace lots of carpeting will come at great cost to a buyer, so they could find it off-putting knowing they’ll have to pay a lot to change it. 

Ripping out a lawned area

Garden lawn

You are in a very fortunate position if you have a garden, so you shouldn’t take that for granted and do anything like digging up your lawn. 

Some lawns can be difficult to maintain, but you should retain your green space as it gives you that little connection to nature. 

You could though exchange your current lawn for an artificial lawn as it will offer similar realism and in comparison, hardly need any future upkeep. 

You will most definitely profit from a more valuable home when you get any product from Global installed. Order a FREE brochure to find out more about any of our value-enhancing offerings.