What is it that you would like more than anything in your home? A common response will probably be ‘space’, as let’s face it, we never have enough of it and could always do with more. 

An absence of space in many Irish homes is no surprise really as new-build homes have become smaller over the last few decades, with developers looking to build more properties, more cheaply. 

What’s the solution? 

Moving somewhere bigger will only be an option for some. Those who cannot afford to do that can instead try and create the feeling of spaciousness with some clever home improvement measures. A bit like these three suggestions: 

Installing some mirrors

Two different types of mirror

This is one of the most popular tricks known to give you the illusion of space, if you hang the right sort of mirrors in the right sort of places. 

You want to buy some fairly large mirrors that only have a small surround, instead of dozens of small mirrors, and it’s best to position them close to a window somewhere, not near a wall or ceiling’s edge. 

In terms of height, try and fit a mirror so that the middle of it will be at eye-level of a person of average size. 

Using lighter colours

A mixed colour palette in an extension

It would be a bit too much to add mirrors on every wall. So keep some of your walls mirror-free and repaint them in a light colour of some kind to help reflect light. 

Colouring your walls in a white colour will do a great job of this, whereas black would be a more appropriate alternative for reflecting light in any rooms that only get a minimum of sunshine. 

And when repainting your walls, take the paintbrush to the ceiling, trims and doors - don’t miss them out. 

Fitting French or patio doors

A French and patio door

Is there the possibility of inserting some form of door in a rear wall so that you can connect your garden and home together? 

With a French or patio door, you will be able to push or slide the door open, respectively, to make an opening and unify both spaces, leaving you with one vast living area. 

Each time you do that, an amazing amount of natural light will hit your interior, which will leave it feeling gloriously spacious and nowhere near as cramped as it does now. 

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